Charleston's Parking!

Watch Out Runners! 

The Battery Park in Charleston, South Carolina is officially under major construction! Many locals know that The Battery tends to be fixed up in parts, but this year looks much different. If you are looking to park in spots that are typically open, you may not be so lucky this time of the year. Majority of the right side (coming from Ashley Ave) is under heavy construction and some serious drilling. The opposite side of The Battery is typically wide open, but lately it is completely taken up by the construction trucks as well as residents. So, where should visitors, runners, bikers, and even locals park now?

The Good News: There are many areas where one can park in our beautiful city! Free parking is available on most streets from 6p.m till 9a.m. (unless otherwise posted). Metered Parking is free on Sundays! Most streets and parks allow you to park for free for 1 to 2 hours. Hampton Park by the Citadel allows for free parking as long as you are visiting, but don't park there for over 12 hours at one time because they will ticket you and eventually will tow your car for some serious $$$. Throughout downtown you will find multiple parking garages, but most people use these as last resort because they tend to be pricey (average price for some is $20 over night). George Street lot is another great area to park if you are looking to access King, Broad, Meeting, and Market streets. Parking rules can be found on all meters and streets. Watch out for street sweeping rules.  The Colonial Lake area is known for street sweeping and they are merciless! Luckily, they happen only a few times a month. 

In other Good News: Once the construction is over, fewer of us will trip over our feet while running on The Battery or sightseeing! Did you know that 50% of people trip at least twice a day while walking the streets of Charleston!?

Final Good News on the parking situation for Charleston, S.C.-->check out for ALL garage and other parking areas, these include pricing! You may also contact us for parking advice.

That's The Good Local News! 

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