A few years ago, Elizabeth Smart went beyond just giving a talk. She delivered her "then and now" emotional state to her audience as if life has always been good to her. When she was a child, she was kidnapped and raped by a man and a woman who accompanied him in his awful deeds. Elizabeth is inspiring not only because she continues to openly share her story today, but precisely because she displays love for herself when speaking on stage, meeting people, and most likely in her overall daily life.

One of the major reasons people who are sexually abused feel unable to speak out about their abusers is due to lack of self-confidence and absence of love for self. Understandably so. The thought, "I should tell someone," doesn't come to mind for a long time for some of us, if ever for others. Elizabeth is here to help us understand that yes, we can tell someone and yes, we can begin the healing process.  Telling someone about something that had significantly and negatively impacted us is like waking up from a life-long bad dream...suddenly, the world truly can exist as it was intended for us. That "frozen" sense of existence and inability to move forward doesn't have to stay with us forever. You DO NOT have to forgive your abuser, but you absolutely can and MUST forgive yourself for the things you cannot change. That is your duty. 

Did you know that carrying painful and heavy secrets through life can make us physically ill and even result in cancer? Yes, unresolved pain is now directly correlated with some major illnesses and cancers (most likely due to life style choices people who were damaged as children make...heavy drugs and alcohol, emotional instability and fear of living due to lack of self-esteem).  How can you move forward? Just do it. Share your story with at least one other person or speak it aloud just as it unfolded into an empty room! We promise you will begin to feel alive. Scream if you must, but live. "Don't give your abuser another day of your life," as Elizabeth says. Live now. Today. 

Julio Torres 

Comedian Julio Torres is inspiring because many young people can relate to his stand-up content. He covers topics beautifully. In one particular show (click below) he talked about searching for a job after graduating college.  It didn't come easy. He thought he was going to get any job he wanted because that's what many of us are promised after graduating college, but he quickly learned that the real world is rough, even on beautiful people. We appreciate his sense of humor. Many young people today would rather start a dog walking business than work for some large corporation. We appreciate the way he makes a difference rarely using negativity or harsh words. He inspires us with his humble ways of doing stand-up comedy. His optimism truly lights up the stage and he is able to lift up many young people with his relatable jokes. We wish you many wonderful achievements, Julio!

Inspiring Decisions:
If You're A Drunk, F*ck Off! 

Sobriety is as rare today as meeting someone who doesn't have a single social media account or at least a cellphone. But, did you know that some of the most successful people who inspire you each day are actually sober? Sober living doesn't just benefit you, it benefits all of us. Don't listen to those who tell you, "cool people know how to handle a beer or twenty!" If you feel that alcohol isn't for you, don't fall for what others call "cool." Let them laugh and question your decision to stop drinking (or never start) and keep moving forward one day at a time. Drinking will prevent you from many wonderful things in life. Drinking can prevent you from knowing who you really are when you are alone and from discovering the world as it was intended for you. Drunk perception of life is...a lie. 

Drunk girls think they are sexy, but 97% of sober guys say otherwise. Drunk guys think they are macho, yet 100% of the ladies say it ain't so at all! So...let's rethink "cool." Don't escape yourself with alcohol, discover the "you" you keep hiding and reinvent her/him if you must!

Here are a few of the sober heads. 

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