What really makes a woman beautiful: 

A complete as well as poised self-awareness. Her beauty is not in her character toward men, but toward herself. Beauty is in the energy of a woman. This energy can be cold, neutral or hot. Beauty is in a woman's unspoken and hidden from the public sexuality. She doesn't reveal herself to strangers because she values her body. Being sexy and sexual is not one in the same. A truly beautiful woman doesn't know that she is beautiful and she doesn't go out of her way to prove herself to anyone. She is smooth, slow in her gestures, and true in her words (be they harsh or soft when spoken). Real beauty can mesmerize any man if carried humbly and briefly when passing him by. True beauty doesn't look for an eye to meet hers in order to feel recognized. A beautiful woman can seem naive and helpless, but she is far from that. She is calculated, prideless, yet concrete in who she is in public or in private. She is concrete with herself. True beauty is consistent. Poised. Poised. Poised. Silently driven. A beautiful woman who can keep a top quality man can do so because she doesn't try to keep him. Why do some couples last for years together? Well, they do not throw themselves at each other's feet, no, they respect themselves. They meet in the middle in every aspect of life. No man will run from a woman who is true in all of her actions. No woman will run from a good man. Just be true. A beautiful woman has respect for herself. She doesn't power trip and is never rude to strangers, but never overly nice... she is neutral. A beautiful woman is logical with herself and realistic about the surrounding world. She is disciplined with herself. A beautiful woman doesn't spend too much time searching for herself in the mirror because no matter how many times you take a look at yourself, you will always be you. A truly beautiful woman doesn't loathe in her past and is able to embrace aging. She too cries and expresses her emotions. After all, a truly beautiful woman is a human and acts like one toward herself and others. She knows justice and the right from wrong. She is well aware of how she should be approached and by whom. She is sacred. She is a sister, a girlfriend, a wife or an individual who follows her logical heart.

You must understand that with each Botox treatment, you are losing your beauty. With each plastic surgery, the beauty you want is getting further from your reach. It'll never be enough, but if it makes you feel better, do minimum and stay poised from the small stress factors of life. For every woman, there is a man, for every man, there is a woman (for every woman there's a woman and so on). Let your love last forever, let beauty take its natural course as beauty isn't what it seems. Beauty can follow age and the aging you can remain true and truly beautiful. Older and old has never meant unattractive. Don't forget that men get old too. We all do. You are on this earth not to entertain a man's eye and forget your values and he isn't here to buy you your way of life. Take responsibility for yourself.

Let me leave you with one last thought:

Over the years, I have met a lot of women. Young and old, rich and poor, married and unmarried. Every one of them told me that their biggest regret was that they didn't live their own life the way they always felt they should. They regretted giving up on many things and "dedicating themselves to their man." Every one of them said that if they could go back and change something, they would remind themselves that they matter too.

Be beautiful for you, not others. Live your life, not his.



© Copyright T.H.i.C.