Logical Concern: Love and Marriage For Cash?

Fact: When you type in "marriage" on Google, one of the first lines that follows is... "in Russia." Well, that's no surprise. Many foreign men think of Russian women as some kind of dominatrix who wear stilettos in their sleep, spy on you, and want your money. These stereotypes are reinforced by one Western movie after another.  

 Fact: Mail Order Bride is a term originated on the American frontier in the 19th Century. True.

Opinion: Money can buy you true love? 

What does it mean to be married today? Well, that depends on what it means to you. One thing that hasn't changed is the many stereotypes about mail-order brides. The process itself is confusing and taboo, but is it really? For instance, many "brides" are just women who make a choice to meet someone online. They create a profile just like millions of women do on match, eHarmony, or farmers only (if that's what floats your boat). Then, begins the selection. The only difference between this way of finding a husband and finding one on any one of today's dating sites is that the staff is typically present for the "mail-order bride." There is a middle man and person-to-person interaction. So, the idea that all mail-order brides are forced to marry some overweight western guy is simply false. 

One mail-order bride researcher by the name of Kaline Forrester wrote, "In Russia, there is a shortage of men, and there (as in many countries) it is seen as essential for a woman to marry relatively young (25 years is considered old to marry). Russian women are raised to cook, clean, and raise children well, and they know that these qualities are more appreciated in the west, where they also see themselves as having more freedom and where men are (generally) not as sexist. One Colombian woman now living in the States said in an interview, "I met men in Colombia, I was married, I had my experience. I decided to look for something different, try men from another culture that might be better than ours. American men are more serious: [they] worry and respect their wife." 

A take away: We can speak only for ourselves when it comes to anything, and, if we should find ourselves promoting certain stereotypes, let's be sure they ring true. 

--->Check out Frank T. McAndrew's "Mail Order Brides" Still Exist in Psychology Today

Logical Concern: In The World Of Social Media

Fact: Nothing is private. If you speak near your device about any topic for long enough, your ads will be based on your recent conversations. 

True Story

One beautiful day, a few people decided to experiment and prove that there really ins't such a thing as privacy. They picked a topic that hasn't been previously researched or discussed.  The topic was "how to get rid of pimples on your back." Three people spent a good chunk of time speaking about the various ways to get rid of the nasty things. They spoke aloud and near their devices that simply sat on surfaces. The following day, the first ad to pop-up on one of the computers depicted a woman with a bare back (just another hook) and a title that read, "Three easy ways to get rid of pimples on your back." Now, that's something to think about. 

Our next topic to be discussed aloud will be titled, "How to get my dog to lick my toes without p-nut butter." We'll keep you posted on that. 


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